the climate crisis...

Typical new england snowstorm. We've had them drop 18-24'' in years past. Its worth every dollar to have 4wd when you get this kind of snow.
The snow looks as if it's winding down. Gotta fire up the tractor, and clean the yard, but first I have brush off all the snow from on my taco..
Record high today for ANY February day in recorded history here going back to 1890s
About 79 degrees :eek:
some snow expected tonight or even this afternoon here and lows in the teens for tomorrow

it was near 80 degrees yesterday :confused: :confused: :confused:
No heavy rains to wash it all away?
Been No rain here since the blizzard over a month ago
No heavy rain for weeks now, just some light rain showers, or drizzle mixed with a couple inches of snow here and there.
My cousin in Loup City, Nebraska sent me a picture yesterday afternoon showing his front yard covered in snow.

no real snow, barely a dusting, in tacomaHA
who is your cousin? i go thru Loup City on 92 from time to time but it has been a spell
maybe he is the one that stopped to like my taco a couple years ago at the convenient mart ???

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