the climate crisis...

no real snow, barely a dusting, in tacomaHA
who is your cousin? i go thru Loup City on 92 from time to time but it has been a spell
maybe he is the one that stopped to like my taco a couple years ago at the convenient mart ???

Trotter's Whoa & Go​

I dout it was him that complimented your Taco. He's a diehard Ford truck kind of guy.
ford might have their moments or might not have their moments
my pops liked the ford vans and pickUps from the late 1970s
Its about 22 degrees with the ground frozen next door neighbor has a tree removal outfit currently cutting down a row of 75' high hemlock trees as I print this. Every time one of these big trees fall, I can feel the house shake.
Search "Weather Weapons", if even a portion is true, just wait till November approaches. And remember what happened in Maui. (I better be careful, 'don't want another Banning.) I was out at the acreage in NE OK 5 years ago when a wildfire approached, with 10% humidity, a red-flag burn ban in effect, and wind gusts to 40MPH when an idiot neighbor decided he had to burn some trash. It was terrifying. Lucky for me the local volunteer fire dept kept it away from the log cabin. But it did burn 75% of the acreage. Scary stuff for sure! "Let the salt flow."
exceptionally warm here on the eastern great plains, very unseasonably warm
no rain... we NEED rain
no precipitation in well over a month
its a dirty desert and worse when the winds are howlin' across the fields