the climate crisis...

Beautiful sunny afternoon in the 70's today, Rains have vanished for now.
Been composting for years, why do you think my garden veggies are growing like weeds. My tomatoes plants are over 2 feet tall with a few small green tomatoes developing already. Its been hot with more than enough rain this month.
Time you guys can to share some wet weather. The ground here is just beginning not to feel like a sponge every time you walk out in the yard.
Heat Index about 110+F today. Raw Temperature 106F.

Looking to have severe T-storms tonight.
I've had fish swimming in my front yard at times when it continually rained so hard every other day.
Was a nice day today in the 80's.
I want fishy in the front yard!!
All I can get are flies and pesky rabbits
Been some thunder boom booms, and good downpours today.
Been feeding a pet red fox, no rabbits in my garden this year.
This climate bs goes in cycles. When we did fishing trips to Canada in the 60's, I saw miles, and miles of burn't forest due to lighting strikes. That year it was very hot, and dry. You got a certain political party with a D thats making a mountain out anything they can grab onto, knowing much of the public is stupid. Its all about power, and control trying to scare you into believing it.
You don't need to be scared into believing it. You only need to open your front door.
You don't need to be scared into believing it. You only need to open your front door.
I guess if you're a youngster, and haven't experience weather cycles over the last century, you'd know the current weather hasn't change much. We just have a larger population with more people now living in areas that have been prone to severe weather events in the past, and are still recurring.
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Heat index today at 105 degrees. It's hot enough to cook lunch on my taco's tonneau cover.
Suppose to be even hotter by friday, and throughout the weekend.
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