the climate crisis...

Last summer dams in our area were full with 18'' of straight rain.
Tornado went south of us, but we picked up a couple inch's of torrent rain showers in an hr., no hail either.
how big are your area dams?
these dams on the mighty Missouri are HugeNess for the biggest river on the continent
They were built after the flood of 1955 by the army core of engineers to contain excess water from area rivers when we got steady rains, and big snow melt. A couple dams back to back created 1000 acre lakes 300' deep in places. I've done some decent fishing as a result when their lowered.
Another hot humid one today with an expected heat index in the triple digits. The heat isn't as bad as the's like your swimming, but in air. Suppose to even hotter Tuesday.
Been sweltering the last 2 days. It's amazing how baked the ground is getting vs the spongy ground surface last summer. I'm currently hearing far distant boom, booms, but doesn't look like its headed here.