What did you do with your Taco today

I have in the past decades ago until my nasty neck issues got the better of me

Now I look at the guys and chicks in Iowa riding around with helmet delete and think that must be so cool like a convertible must be in the wind
So U wish to force the helmet law or else down everybody's throats or else a fine or even more?
Hey I figure if you have a brain worth only a buck, then carry-on....no helmet required. For the rest of that have brains worth much more, yeah after seeing what can happen with no helmet, I'll take my chances with one.
Getting back to the question of being forced to wear one, I'm not for that, but I also don't want to foot the medical bills for those that can't pay after getting severely injured by not wearing a helmet.
Ah....so you are posting based on old experiences when the speeds and drivers were more sane.

Modern helmets have extensive air flow, better protection, lighter weight and many useful features. There literally is no reason that can be offered defending the No Helmet mindset.

In your age ago, there were not nearly as many distracted drivers as today and speeds were lower.
When I race nationals back in the late 80's, I wore what was considered a premium helmet made by arai. It was vented. I wore it with smith goggles, and tear-offs. Even had a chest protector.
As far as riding a bike today, my wife thinks my stroke I had some years ago was a blessing that I no longer ride motorcycles, due to not having the greatest balance, and strength on my right side.
I went and rode around in the mountains this morning on some roads that I have always wanted to venture down, but the BMW would probably not have made it back without at least a bent wheel or some serious scrapes on the underside.
so this is like wear yer helmet! OR MY HELMET will not work properly, is this what it is now?
so this is like wear yer helmet! OR MY HELMET will not work properly, is this what it is now?

Nope. That is just what you want to believe or infer.

I'm only stating the technology of helmets has advanced immensely in the past few decades.

If you wear or don't it is your choice. Although, I don't believe you should push a poor choice.

I do not want my insurance rates nor state nor fed money supporting vegetable motorcycle riders who survived a crash without a helmet to protect their thinker. Its as simple as wearing a seatbelt in a car or truck or airplane..... all required by LAW, ie "forced"
Its a typical derail method.

Happens when a poser takes an untenable position, then facts with rational are presented that are contrary to the assumed position.
I tried the same in 4lo, with a big chain on one of these yews. Not even close. Truck tires just spun. I think the only way they're going to come out is with a backhoe, or excavator. Some of these yews have gotten 12' high.