What have you done to your Tacoma today?

I had a BP attendant in Parsippany pump 10$ of tacoJuice into the tank to top it off
Still waiting to install the cargo lights.
I have all I need but ambition. To be honest I’m quite busy these days.

What have you done to your Tacoma today?​

Well today we took out the old microwave above the range in preparation for the new one coming next week. Loaded up the old one and took it to Habitat for Humanities 2nd hand store. Someone will give it a new home and it works just fine. :)


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I'm still using my Amana microwave from the 70's...its a big beast, but still works, just doesn't do what these new ones will.
Holy cow I can just imagine.

My mother had one from about 70/71. It was the amana radar range that was built atop the oven and stove. It was avocado green. She was so proud of that range. She showed it off to everyone that would come in the house. She became quite the chef with that microwave. She had the entire radarware collection. When my parents sold that house in the Detroit suburbs before moving to Georgia, my mom sealed the deal by cooking supper for the eventual buyers.

What have you done to your Tacoma today?​

And today I picked up the new microwave along with the vent from Lowe's. Can't wait ot see what it looks like installed. :)


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Delivered to my daughter a new to her Frigidaire Air=Fry Oven, as the oven that is at her and her grandmother's house has a bad thermostat. Picked up six of these last year for a song and put a few of them in my rentals. This one was used maybe 10 times! The renters were always away and when home always ate out. They moved out, tidying up now, and will soon need new tenants. Now, it will have a 2-year-old, no frills Hot Point, with a new thermostat.

I had to install a new thermostat, and glass door in my whirlpig built in double oven a couple years ago. Thermostat was a 5 minute job, but installing the inner glass door was a most royal pain in the ass, that I would wish on no one. The old inner glass cracked as it was still hot, while I did a stupid thing wiping some grease off the glass with a cold wet paper towel.
In a previous life, I worked for Hobart, repairing commercial kitchen equipment. The first broken glass I replaced took more than a few minutes. By the tenth, I could do them in my sleep. Just remember the old saying - water and grease don't mix, cold water and hot grease definitely don't mix!
Jay, you reminded me of something that I witnessed, and I hope to never see it again. I was working on a flat top grill, and this one kid, maybe 19 or 20, was filling an ice bath for veggies. He takes the ice scoop he was using, fills it with ice, says watch this, and then throws it into a deep fryer. Kids face and arms were burnt off. I can only thank God that I always wore FR rated clothes. As soon as the grease hit me, I was running back and stripping off.
Well.... The refrigerator died in the game room. So off my wife and I go, in the Taco, to Lowe's... Thinking I'm just buying a cheap 'fridge for the game room. Noooo..... I couldn't get that lucky. She finds one, a really nice French door job with 16 freezer doors... Uhhh, sweetie, that one is to big to go into the small space in the kitchen. Not even a second went by, and her reply was "You have a Sawzall"... Found one that fit the alcove and was in stock, and thank goodness it matched the other appliances, loaded it up in the Taco, and brought it home. Put the old fridge in the garage, moved the kitchen fridge to the game room, and moved the new fridge into the kitchen, and hooked up the water... Barely finished that and I hear "The water doesn't work in the game room fridge!". Of course it doesn't, because the old game room fridge was just a cheap one without ice maker or water, so there is not a water line going to it.

You know where this is going, right? I didn't feel like going to Lowe's, so I wheeled in the Taco to the Home Depot and get one of those quick water line kits. Another reason for going to the Home Depot is there is an ice cream shop on the way back... Blackberry cobbler ice cream... Made my day. My wife didn't know I stopped for ice cream. And she won't know, either. Stopped and fed the Taco as well. She's getting 18mpg just wheelin' around the mountains.

Put the water line in for the game room fridge, and now I'm too lazy to haul the dead refrigerator to the landfill. That sounds like a job for tomorrow.