What's your favorite national park to visit?


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so is a small area of Iowa! LOL they even made some film about it all which i do not think i have ever watched

That's one nice looking modern covered bridge. The bridges here have been upgraded years ago, but still retain a lot of the old wood from the last century.
Btw, its been snowing hard since 10 am, got close to a foot of snow currently, and still coming down. Just northeast a couple towns over, they have almost 18'' now on the ground. Suppose to let up by 9pm. Gully whopper was a little late getting here.

Cape taco

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We hike Jacque Cartier its like 4 hrs. When we finished my wife says how did u like that hike ? I said "Great little cool out in October !" Then she says its a black diamond trail ! Wtf at least she told me at the end of the hike not before :)


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Is teddy Roosevelt NP in western north Dakota worth a trip?
Day n half drive from here, a bit north of rapid city SD
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