? Where is the Gen1 Taco traffic at ?


MW surVivor ... clutched. 353k on the 0D0
out to lunch?
on holiday?

its bad enough that in my area of the central USA most all old ones without that crutch are junked... not all of them... some are likely still out there.... just not on the same streets i truck on LOL

heck, i can hit those concrete trails into Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and even northern Missouri and i have the most difficult time spotting many Gen1s still on the roads

I can truck it to Colorado and they are quite numerous and not too terribly difficult to spot


purple '98 from TN to IA to NE to TN

1998 Toyota Tacoma Base
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... reports of a VHM gen1 recently t-boned, early '00s model
Truck has over 700k miles, that is VHM!
Over 7000$ of damage done in front side including knuckle, fender and door
And the at-fault partys insurance is going to fix it and not total it
How 'bout those apples.
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I would suspect the winter slobber used on the roads has dissolved nearly all vehicles from the 90's. The slobber melts ice/snow/vehicles/roads/bridges........almost everything.

Thirty year old rides are scarce.

Wow. Just watched that vid. I thought the narrator was going to have an orgasm over the truck.

Yes, replace the brake fluid. The Gen2 service interval to change brake fluid is 60 kmiles. Brake fluid is not a "life time" fluid.
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