? Where is the Gen1 Taco traffic at ?

Insurance companies only look what the actual cash value is, or book value. Dealers go by condition, and mileage for what year it is to give you a wholesale price.

so where do THEY get their numbers from ???
As far as I know, it's done by year, cond., mileage and what options the vehicle came with. Dealers on the other hand will give you its wholesales worth. If you have antique plates where these insurance companies allow you to drive a very limited amount of mileage every year...they cover full value of the vehicles worth.
Usually if you paid $30k for a new vehicle, and it got totaled the insurance would cover $25k, or a little less. I know on my brothers accident it was pretty close to being totaled.
so they have some 'secret' charts database somewhere hidden that only THEY are privy to?

gen1 taco mileage must not mean a whole bunch of much if that report of the 700k mile '02 taco that got tboned and suffered $7k of damages that was covered and not totalled with 700k miles on the 0D0
if that fugger that almost rear-ended the back right 1/4 the other day whilst i was making a sharp right turn off the city 2-lane busy street (they were likely speeding and had no cause to slow it down when saw my turn signal and brake lights)

would i have to present their carrier with the NADA table values if they wished to play silly games :confused:
If you fed the correct info in then thats what it is. Of course wholesale value will be much less.

if i understand properly KBB uses some 'formula' that is outdated BUNK

and NADA uses 'actual' sales $$$ from bills of sale submitted for taxing purposes from each state

there is possibility, however, that i misunderstand all of that jazz
TacoJohn in Denver just triggered 775k :oops:


''Glad you’re back up to speed! We are cruising in 5th with no events to post. Everything is running on point.
Timing belt service and related parts will be on my list soon too.
Just crossed 775,000 in 5th.
Kinda hard to imagine that I’m saying that 800k is my next check in !
Stay safe!"
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Yeah, but he's on his 3rd engine, and who knows what else. Only thing original is he kept the trucks vin number.
I think you mentioned it in one thread. At any rate 2nd, or 3rd engine, any rational person would have bought another truck by now.
that taco he has was the very LAST year you could get one such as that
Thats not rational. I was in the same boat, I wanted another tundra the same size as my 2001 gen 1 with a 50'' wide 6' bed, except toyota went to a fulll size truck which imo was massive I had no need for, and the taco was too small. I hung onto the tundra till repair costs exceeded its worth. I ended up with the tacoma anyways. I sort of regret not buying it sooner as it's really been a better than good truck.
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if you want a v6 with the horses and torque
and you wish for a single regular cab
1997 was the last year that Toyota made one such as
I'd be willing to bet only a handful of oddballs would want a single cab these days....toyota is even having issues selling their access cab. Corporations are in business to make money, not spend millions on re-tooling, costing them money they will never recoup. They are more than willing, advising you to go to a competitor if you need an odd model that the mass's will never buy.
Times were diffrent 25 years ago?

Everybody loves my relatives hot Barcelona red gen2 single cab! Because they cannot find one since 2o15
Back in 78 I had relatives say the same when I had my toyota wolverine. They use to say it was such a cute little truck vs their full size chevys, and fords. They even name it the tonka toy. Thats just what relatives do.
I think you mentioned it in one thread. At any rate 2nd, or 3rd engine, any rational person would have bought another truck by now.
are you able to locate that thread?
i honestly do not think i would make such a misteak but it is entirely possible...