2024 Toyota Tacoma to be revealed May 19th, 2023 !

So toyota.com unleashed their "Toyota configurator" late last night with all the prices, trims, and models (minus the TRD Pro and Trailhunter). It's the old "build my tacoma.com" webpage and when I created my dream Taco I must say Ouch. The pricing has went up so crazy for every model and trim package that it almost wants me to wait a bit longer on a new Taco. However, I've already made up my mind and I'm getting my new 4th gen TRD Sport Premium MT Taco but….Ouch. $50,989 before the $1,495 delivery fee and TTL.
Damn that's rich! So over $53,00! You can thank Brandon for the prices going up the hyper inflation is crazy!
Big difference when comparing a turbo powered vehicle to a normally aspirated one that's run against each other at more than 3k feet in elevation. At 5k of elevation the gen3 v6 has got to be down at least 15-20 hp from stock while a turbo engine loses nothing.
They should of run the 2024 against the gen3 access cab, as its a quicker truck than the double cab version.
The gen3 has a larger fuel tank than the gen4 being able to go further on a tank of fuel considering both get close to the same mpg.
Gen4 will also cost more to service when the time comes. All in all I wouldn't be so quick to trade in my gen3 unless it had big miles on it.
As far as the gen1 with the latest supercharger, it should run good for a v6, after all it's a smaller, over 1000 lbs lighter truck, not to mention at least a $3k addition.
They're not relevant. Except for digging up a gen1 with a supercharger they wouldn't be either. I can tell you the new frontier would still hand the gen4 tacoma its ass.
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that is tacoJohn in Denver with his 760k mile superCharged V6 single cab that bot his tacoma 9 or 10 days before i bot mine lol
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This is such a dumb comparison in more ways than 1, plus who goes out and races a Tacoma?! Furthermore, the 24 barely beats the 3g. Lol
tacoJohn in Denver with that superCharged Gen1 does!
last year of the single cab with the V6
Those nascar gen4 taco's need a big chin spoiler for more downforce with the tremendous high speeds those powerful turbo engines generate.
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the last sub-zero blizzard event here a few years back i took the old Corolla out on a salted icing adventure

got too close to the unplowed shoulder and trashed the undercovers up a bit :oops:
The very first 2024 Taco arrived today at Szott Toyota, Waterford, Michigan ! They're on the way boys. :)

"Dear TexasBlueCrush,
We present the first 2024 Tacoma to arrive at a dealership! This Silver SR5 bears a retail window sticker and appears to have arrived early at the dealership (originally scheduled for ETA of 1/28 - 2/2). Check out the photos and discussions inside!"


Sure doesn't get much uglier.
Also expect the gen 4 manual tranny tacoma's to account for about 1% of all their taco sales.
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