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What are the 3 stages of rigor mortis?

What is Rigor Mortis?
  • Rigor mortis is one of the most well-known taphonomic alterations, and it is the process by which the body's muscles stiffen, resulting in rigidity, as a result of a variety of chemical changes in the muscle structure. ...
  • Stage I: Autolysis. ...
  • Stage II: Bloat. ...
  • Stage III: Active Decay.
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spotted a BP fueling shop in PacificJ yesterday priced @ 304c
after 5c bpME discount that is 299c
it has been a spell, definitely....
Well I was misled
that price was for E-15 graded fuel... the regular taco juice was 319c
so that BP must've just recently started offering that e15 but the big sign does not specify until you get right up to the pump
i was quite bummed :confused: looks like i have to cross into Missouri to find some Taco juice under 3$

93$ MSRP
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i am looking forward to a full day of wheeling in the rain across Iowa to Illinois :confused:
at least i did not make an effort to wash the truck this past week lol

played ready-spin-win and won 20c off @ shell

shell spinWheel 20c  4-Nov-22.jpg
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...made it safely to Rockford in the cold wind driven rain most the whole way, it took nearly 9hrs on all which seems a bit longer than it ought but I took some back roads to skip the toll racket
Antenna mast iced up from the rain
Saw quite a few tractor-trailers blown off the road. Very windy in western Iowa
Then I saw a man possibly die behind the wheel on i80 somewhere west of us151, the way his car kept plowing through the median wire fence posts in the dirt ditch that could not be just a case of dozing off behind the wheel :(
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some warmish temps expected this week into the 70s before the teens cometh
due for an engine oil exchange
plus remove old hood insulator, clean crap behind it, install new one with new clips
and maybe get the balancing in the tires rechecked, it was feeling a bit wobbly at times
...scheduled to be back in the 'burbs area inna week for some cold-weather diagnostics and fix that awful noise :(
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... a couple of palindromes from the past week

east on I-80 in Iowa


@277117 miles had the brake fluid changed after 100k miles
also had the original power steering replenished with new Toyota PS fluid, nice and clean now
... certainly hope that it causes no issues with the o-rings and seals after 25.5 year old fluid removed
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my eye is really hurting this morning :(
headAche as well
maybe its just the cold outside turnt down into the low 20s

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