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truck needs a good washing today before heading out east tomorrow
its going to be a bit above freezing today at 37 degrees, which is January norm weather
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heading east today for the cold-weather noise diagnosis and getting it all fixed
one winter is LONG ENOUGH...
maybe livin' the salt-life today or maybe not, it's in the mid30s

5th floor
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I should stop into the eastWood shop in Alsip since I am only 10 miles away LOL
And Check out their road-salt neutralize product


currently 19,95 sale ... save 10$

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this is certainly discouraging :confused:
nice piece of work done, very nice piece....

hood ****ed from DAB job in 2o19.jpg

here's a fellow '97 SR5 from California with 249k... (from a few years ago) ... its an autoMatic :( boo! boo!
i am so stoked my rig has not started doing this and hope it will not ever do this... ever!

o-ring for the old corolla
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OMG..... I scanned that vid. In the end, the "mechanic" only found the symptom. He did not identify the cause.

So, the customer only knows the repair will be expensive without a clue as to the cause.

The "mechanic" should run more diagnostics. A simple bore scope may discover a crack in the cylinder wall. If no crack, then the cause is most likely a head gasket failure.

The transmission did not have any cause on the engine failure. Those types of failures are typically brought on from Overheating.
? could it be a case that the engine coolant on that '97 has not ever or routinely been changed? became acidic and ate at the HG?

its been a year since I sent in an oil sample for analysis to Indiana... was checking for any coolant contamination, which none was found
i need to send in another sample at the next OIC or the one after and compare results after a high mileage run

this report was from a year ago.

oil analysis BlackStone 5-Nov-2o21.jpg
FWIW. I would counsel against extending the oil change interval.

Follow the schedule in the Owner's Manual. Use any brand oil that meets or exceeds the API specification and use the correct viscosity for your temperature range. Typically, any 5w30 will satisfy the temperatures in the lower 48 states. Alaska probably needs something a bit lower viscosity for the winter.

You can buy many oil changes for the cost of an engine rebuild.
it should be a bit warmish at near 50 today to do some maintenance check with borescope before i wash rest of salt off
my sisters PTCruiser also is leaking oil bad rate at my nephews and I may have to lend him a hand if he so needs it

also going to change rear diff fluid on the '11 Taco for first time ever @ 67.5k miles
i have a new drain plug and gasket
torque spec is 49 Nm on those plugs
then get that spare tire back up with the take-down tool
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black friday/cyber monday is soon approaching
hopefully the Yota parts dealer drops discounts another 7 to 10 per cent
'coz i am in need of many more parts for truck and car

need 2 @ 10,65
need 1 @ 5,27
need 1 @ 1,43
need 1 @ 4,15
need 1 @ 4,15
need 1 @ 10,13
need 1 @ 5,11
need 1 @ 1,37

need 2 @ 2,02
need 2 @ 1,53
need 2 @ 1,47
need 3 @ 1,04
1 @ 50,61 410FF ... MSRP 86$

this is a maybe
51,43 with 410FF 87$ MSRP

need 1 @ 18,59 ... 31$ MSRP
need 4 @ 84c
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gobble gobble
its turkey day... 25 years ago I was fortunate to have pizza hut on Thanksgiving lol

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NOPE.......not going out.

Might need to hit the local Kwick Star for a gallon of milk. Grocery store or general shopping........not happening.

BTW, E10 fuel is $3.31/gal in this area.......