a new chapter begins... the road to 400k

transmission shop says he has not a clue about these obscure low rpm vibes and that i need to reproduce them for a diagnostics
that's gonna be much difficulty to do
thot these chumps knew their nuts bolts & beans being cotdamn certified pro's but seem nothing more than yer flaggard parts changers most times too often
Not slipping outta gear!

But some other weirdness
Seems to come and it goes
It seemed to be an uneasy pressure, especially in that 2nd gear for awhile
Must be the pressure plate?
Would that part tend to vibrate under acceleration in the sub 2k rpms
Could be almost anything in the driveline thats now out of spec.....from bearings to u-joints.
it certainly couldn't be that cosmoline i coated on the propshafts that were getting roachy looking?
Not slipping outta gear!

But some other weirdness
Seems to come and it goes

Ummmm......FWIW. A slipping clutch WILL NOT cause the transmission to "slip outta gear".

About the only thing for you to do is to just keep running the truck. Sooner or later, it will break down making the cause and solution clear.

Have a sizable nest egg of your good coin saved.

Good Luck.
i am just so sick and tired of wasting good coin on diagnostics that don't seem to ever find the cause of any problems and issues developing

SEVERAL shops have done this to I, took my 90$ and NEVER found nor fixed the issues that have been popping up
i thot a slipping clutch WILL make the stick slip out of gear while moving

so what are U f!cking around with me yet again, are U???
No.....I'm not "flcking around". I and others have been trying to help and guide you.

A slipping clutch will allow the engine to increase in speed while the transmission is in gear WITHOUT a corresponding increase in vehicle speed.

Typically, first noticeable in the high gears when accelerating. As the clutch becomes more worn the slip will be more pronounced and proceed into the lower gears.

Eventually, the truck won't be able to move from a stop in the lowest gear.

At this point, the damage will likely involve the flywheel, friction disk, diaphragm spring, throw-out bearing possibly other parts. Basically, everything between the engine and the transmission.

FWIW, I am not the only member trying to help and guide you to a solution.
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