crankShaft pulley maintenance

You are fortunate.

If 1 belt fails, then you don't lose the all the other accessories.

The Serpentine belt on my truck is 1 belt to drive everything. If it fails, then many accessory systems die.
This is what that diagnosed clutch throw out bearing did to the fan blade
Glad I checked the oil after that hot run, saw this and grabbed the flashlight to take a good long gander to see what was doing this

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from a service maintenance and check back in October '20 i recall having the professional carefully listening for this odd rattle
when the clutch pedal was depressed the noise dissipated and then would slightly come back when pedal was released
this led to diagnosis of the clutch throwout bearing making the chatter...
old pic of vulcanized failure from April 2o21...

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this posted comment from 28-July-2o19
near the beginning of the queer rattle start had no clue what was going on trying to find others with similar then

video from around 2yrs ago
... pardon the windy noise

clutch throwout bearing chatter can come all the way to the front of the engine, the master Yota diagnostic tech told i

Changes my responses.

This shouldn't cause damage to the crankshaft. Yes, it could possibly damage the drive pulley on the end of the crankshaft. Simple part that can be replaced with some effort. Same for the pulley on the AC compressor.

The rubber in the AC pulley is there to absorb or to ease the shock of the clutch engaging the compressor when the engine is at high rpm.

Yes, the rubber is vulcanized to the metal parts. No, do not use any sort of "rust preventative" on the rubber.

The rubber in the AC pulley is there to absorb or to ease the shock of the clutch engaging the compressor when the engine is at high rpm.

would this be something that would need to be replaced with new part every so often?
perhaps it is a separate part on the A/C compressor
i really do not know
the OEM coating on this pricey part has deteriorated quite a bit over the past 25+ months

is it going to fail again!? :confused:
Everything fails.

Just a matter of time. Shoot even mountains fail to become boulders, then rocks, then stones, then gravel, then sand.............
Not a good idea to use a lighter crankshaft pulley. The weight of it is likely been figured into the design of the engine's flywheel.

Yes, the lighter pulley may give you a minor acceleration advantage. Unless, the pulley increases the engine displacement, it won't add any power. But the downsides could be more serious. The "power" stroke only happens for 1/2 of an engine revolution for every 2 revolutions. The other 3 strokes are not power adding but power consuming. Power is needed for the intake, compression and exhaust strokes.

The primary purpose of the flywheel is to store energy to help smooth the engine's torque curve from all the interactions between all the cylinders. Mess with that and you are messing with engine fundamentals for smooth torque transfers and lower vibrations.

Your choice. Considering the age and general condition of your probably won't do additional damage.
I would like to know if those using the lightweight balancer pulley have encountered any minor to major engine quirks