crankShaft pulley maintenance

These engines are already internally balanced to run the stock components. By adding something different like that to the crankshaft, your defeating the way the engine was designed to run,
it does make much sense

not sure why some out there run these URD pulley in the first place?
is the crankShaft pulley longevity a function of mileage or time

it is approaching 150k miles on the replacement one that was over a 400$ part then after discount... MSRP is north of 700$ now for that part just that part

the original pulley started having unbeknownst odd issues + noises in the 140k mile range that was professionally diagnosed as a noisy clutch throwOut bearing at that time

:confused: :confused: :confused:
researching i have only uncovered worn out crank pulley on the Gen1 4cyl rigs
nothing yet uncovered for the 5VZfe, other than the one on my rig
maybe it will maybe it won't
Only the time will tell
it is extremely strong and free-spirited currently, lots of power
no major weeps, no sludgy
I see well over half a million and likely more than 700k with no issues as long as it is maintenance on schedule
What kind of engine parts should one throw in it?
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Only the parts you think it must need.

No reason to restrict yourself to just engine parts.
that power steering pump did experience some abnormal operation for a spell with the rack weep it had for 30k+ miles until i could get a new rack

starter could likely be 0K unless its an age thing... tacoJohn in Denver just had his original starter needing replace last year or before with almost 700k miles onit
it is not used that much and i try not to use it that much
Either tacoJohnny has one in a million starters lasting that long or he bs-ing you. I've seen enough taco starters go tapioca in my time...a lot sooner if you get them wet crossing streams. Usually they all crap out after 250k. Only thing thats probably saving your's is that being on the road all day with few stops in-between.
i don't think he is a BSr at all
definitely i try to avoid the short trips and shut off restart in this truck, that is the Corolla's job as the grocery getter
tacoJohn is on the road all day in Denver with a small trailer, he said he rarely leaves Denver with the taco,
and he is averaging almost 28k miles per year on that '97 single cab taco with the superCharger and functionable hood skewp