detailing your taco...

That vrp product is ok
But Doesn't repel water for too long for my likings on exterior as it states on bottle
I wouldn't know. I'm not into a lot of those chemical miracle fix's. I prefer something much longer lasting.
Do U have another product in mind?

That VRP came highly recommended at Toyota Nation site
Again, I wouldn't know very well. I've only used what the toyota dealer gave me for my tonneau cover when I bought my truck from them. It was a bottle of wolfsteins tonneau protectant. I used it on my plastic, and rubber trim too, which holds up for a few months, and needs to be reapplied.
You can buy a product called wipe new trim restorer that works very well. I've used it on all my tundra's black plastic trim pieces. It still looked good after 2 years.
Sounds like you were using something that was a silicone-based dye. If those were a baseball team, they would be undefeated with all the runs they have. Probably could have gotten a better result from just armor all.

Just doing some browsing... Found Forever Black. Looks like it might work. It isn't silicone based, so it shouldn't run, but it would probably last half a year. I would try this, then after it has dried, cerakote it. That should keep it looking great for quite a while.

this stuff? anybody else try it out



Hell, old brake fluid works well too.
Back in the day they had this black tire paint that you put on with a brush. I could never see why you need to paint your tires.

The only thing that belongs on tires is basic H2O. Use a bio-friendly cleanser to clean the brake dust off the tires.

Dressing is not needed and generally hastens the degradation of the rubber.

FWIW, I use Simple Green, H2O and a brush to clean the tires. Been doing this for years without any degradation. Never have used any sort of dressing or paint or brake fluid (good grief, immensely stupid idea). Rubber is not 'shiny'.
Cerakote seems to work really well for my older trim and plastics. Good shine but not wet looking, uv protection, and fairly easy to apply.
i found cerakote to be extremely difficult to apply to porous plastic, such as the Gen2 tailgate latch

a year later it looks roasted
cerakote did work decent for the plastic wheelhouse liners
And it didn't need to be perfectly coated, just used the damp towelette until completely dried and dirty
There are so many dirt roads where I live, I don't bother washing my truck. The sprinklers and Mother Nature takes care of the exterior.
looking into a full major engine bay detail and deWeathering that many parts need after 26 years of yota service
not sure whut to do!!!
would outsource some of it if its a Bob Barker deal