detailing your taco...

Take it for what its worth...unless these evaluations have cost you a good amount already, no one is going to give you a complete inspection on a 300k mile + truck for nothing.
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It has been said before. Intermittent symptoms are the most difficult to diagnose.

Basically, if it don't happen when in the mechanics hands, then how can they diagnose it?????

I agree with tacojoel. You've let problems slide for way too long. Now, you are faced with a series of troubles that easily domino onto each other.

This is precisely why I have replaced BOTH cv axles when only one showed signs of failure. And front wheel bearings. And inner/outer tie rods. And rotors/pads/calipers. Yes, the cost is more, but I know those components are good for another 100 Kmiles. In all total, my spend was below $1000.

Stepping over dollars to pick up pennies is not a successful path.

Good luck getting things sorted out.
axles were only noticed bad when i got under to change oil and filter and saw a big messy... it was a fast one for sure
thot it was engine oil at first from leaky valve cover gasket draining in the back but it was not that at all
i trust in their expertise + experience to have seen it all before and a good knowledge of how everything works and go from there
this stuff does a wonder on that taco frame
makes it all deep black with a purty smell right after application


chemical guys
bare bones