How often do you park beside another Tacoma….

Wow, gen1, gen2, gen3. What are the chances of this ever happening again ? Strength in numbers. I swear ya can't make this stuff up. This is a first even for me Ragnar. Maybe I'm not stalking them, they're stalking me ! :D :D :D
Wow! That's so cool! I really like the 1st gen, that's really a cool truck!

I was hoping to see a taco or 2 around to post on here today, but nothing! I even had a 5:00 appointment today after work to get my haircut and hoped to see one at the place, I looked around before I went in, and nothing! Looked again when I came out still nothing! Oh well......that's how it goes sometimes! Sometimes I see a taco or 2 other times, nothing! Seems like a lot of times I see one when I ain't really looking for one!
First try was from my iphone. Damn pictures would not upload from it. So I transferred them to my PC and uploaded from it. I hate these smart phones sometimes.
I'm with you JJ. My smart phone is smart but not when its in a dummy's hands. That'd be me. And loading pictures onto requires a couple of extra steps from an apple product.

So my routine goes like this; I take a picture from the phone, send it to my email, then transfer it to the desktop on my laptop. The next part gets tricky; if I simply load it onto this forum, it comes out on it's side. So I delete it, change the "rotate left, rotate right" three times and then reload it and wal-la.

It's right side up when I hit the send button. A couple of extra steps but well worth the price of admission compared to those left-wing moderators on ! I love this site. :)