Oil change question

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0w8..... um no. Too thin at operating temperatures or any ambient over 30F. IMHO.

I'm sure someone will say this works great for the tight clearance engines. Problem is. Tight clearance frequently is more sensitive to accelerated wear.

We can take this to the extreme. Imagine an engine with pistons with a light press fit into the cylinders. Or connecting rods with a press on the crankshaft journals. Sure it'll run, but the cost in fuel and sacrifice of power...... eventually the clearances for running will develop.

As a mechanical engineer with a good working knowledge of tribology.....I would suggest following the Owner's Manual for your ride about which viscosity to use matched to the ambient temperature.
0w-8 is used in some toyota engines now, same for new mazda engines that have been manufactured with super tight tolerances. . Been fine. My 3.5 uses 0w20, so does our 2012 prius that has well over 100k miles on that viscosity oil. Neither leak, or burn any of oil. Gone are the days toyota used 5w30 in their new engines.
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