Oil change question

like engine misfire problems?
my truck has not yet encountered anything at all like that
not precisely....

clutch, drivetrain, steering, suspension

The OBDII doesn't kick out many DTCs for these problems.

Keep following the Ostrich approach to mechanical issues. It'll all work out.
i try to budget for maintenance repairs and upkeep
but everything anymore seems to be compiling all-at-once, its overwhelming :(
it hasn't even been 2 years since the last 700$ repair and now i am looking at 10x that amount :eek:
That is the burden of a high mileage vehicle.

Remember, any delayed or ignored repair will only get worse requiring more $$$ to fix.
After a hot run how long to wait for accurate level reading on the checkstick

I checked whilst putting taco juice in at the pump but oil level seemed off a bitty bit
If the level is between the lines on the dipstick,......then all is good.

Seriously, is this the first time you've read a dipstick???
I should state it's 5w30 conventional motor oil from Maine
If it maker any difference
A bit over 6k on the oil on 313k 3.4 5vz engine
monitoring oil loss or burning thereof..
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Wow..... you got oil in Maine.

Their oil is the worst in the nation. Dino based is dredging the bottom of the sludge bucket. I'm surprise you used low grade oil. Thats really gonna hurt the 400K target.
It needs changed, most definitely

Garage may be out of my fav, though :(
The Chevron blend in a box
Save that planet shhitt
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Rock is just busting your ass. There's nothing wrong with the oil maine toyota dealers use. I've see dealers here that use dino oil for the older vehicles....some use kendal or amalie.
That is some epiphany....... :rolleyes:

Regular oil changes on the interval and the correct viscosity and API grade.

Isn't that in the Owner's Manual?????