Tacoma Paparazzi

all 3 gens of Tacomas crossing paths at once inside Rocky Mountain NP a week ago
does this occur that often while snowing?
which one is the better one LOL

another taco spotted inside RMNP
there were countless tacomas inside the park, even a few Gen1s! spotted other than mine
there were also too many jeeps there, one almost rear-ended me on a downslope not paying attention to my speed or something
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oh! i think this taco belongs to I
road closed yet again on US-34 in RMNP
it was my 4th attempt in 27yrs (3rd with this truck) to wheel the +12k foot mountain highway to US-40 and its been closed every darned time I am in the area :confused:

spotted this rig wheelin' it on i35 south just past the Minnesota/Iowa border crossing
i do wonder how many miles its clocked so far...

spotted this rig wheelin' under the continental divide on a snowy i70 inside the eisenhowser tunnel Colorado a few weeks ago

~11,158 feet elevation

I was out with the wife in her car this morning and stopped by Lowe's for a ceiling fan. Turned the corner and spotted a gen2 in the parking lot. Looks like the owner is a Captain America and American Sniper fan…..


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an old-timer pre-tacoma in the land of NO SALT :oops:
wheeled on past him slowly on i-15 south of Helena Montana a few weeks back


there he is in the distance


a Missouri-plated pre-Taco ('94 or '95 with the highmount stop light) on i70 near Columbia
its seen better days, definitely
... i don't see many of these around here much. i wonder if the bright blue '95 reg cab like this I had 27yrs ago is still out there on the roads somewhere, i tried tracking it once from its VIN but ended in a dead end somewhere very rural