The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

Nothing I didn't learn years ago. I was told never to wash my truck as certain car wash soaps can interfere with the ceramic glass coating that was done to it. After 4 years my truck looks showroom new, just waxed. It has protected against rock chips contrary to what this video claims. At 20k miles, you cannot find a paint chip, or any swirls on it. Best thing I ever did. Unfortunately there are many shops that use various coatings, or do a half/ass job saving labor......after-all, the job is mostly ones labor to prep, and properly apply the coating. Imo, it comes down to the shop doing the job. I told the toyota dealer that I bought my truck from, if the ceramic coat lasts 5 years, I'm happy...they told me its guaranteed lifetime. It's saved me a ton of time washing, and waxing the truck like I use to.
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On another note, doing my grocery shopping early this morning...upon checkout, the store must have hired a new cashier. This new Elvira looking chick cash's me out...she's gorgeous, but dressed a bit weird....kind of halloween like. She hands me back my change with these 3'' long fingernails that could pass for daggers. They kind of surprised me....who needs fingernails that long?