The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

reviewing how 2 do this here
'coz i FORGOT how 2 already lmao after just 3 months since the last reset

fancy that!
my gen1 is a MANUAL reminder that i have to rely on the dumb window sticker when it is next time for the service to be done onit
no fancy doohikkeys lmao
Yeah, was the same for my gen1 tundra. I'm still trying to figure out all the menu bs in these taco's screens. So far I've even managed to go back, and forth to daylight savings time for the clock, and do my tire pressures, not to mention terminate all the nanny bs, or at least cut back on some of it.
Once you get over this stuff, the gen3 is really a fine truck. For us older guys toyota should just offer basic electrical's, or a simple method to delete them all.
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I haven't tried my 4wd since fall, but its always worked well when I pulled my boat out. The 4wd system in my tacoma works far slicker than my gen1 tundra ever did. You just turn the knob on this tacoma, and its immediate 4wd lights green on the dash. My tundra would blink, and eventually engage with huge clunk shaking the truck.
That tundra sounded sickly :confused:
More like sticky. It was that way from day one, never getting better. Never as fluid as this taco, otherwise my tundra ran great. I had heard cases on those gen1 tundras that year that some had faulty actuators in the transfer case, and wouldn't do 4wd at all.
Oh joy...just heard on the news that the northeast is under attack with large cases of the norovirus which is highly contagious. The wife had it 2 years ago, and was deathly sick for nearly a week. You can't stop puking, and crapping for days.....said it feels like someone turning your gut inside out.