MW surVivor ... clutched. 353k on the 0D0
14mm flare for wrenching fuel tube
Is this the best thing going?
It's 56$ before fees

what fittings might the 13mm side ever be needed for ???

Or this 1,-mm/14-mm-6-Point-Metric-Open-End-Flare-Nut-Wrench/RXSM14B

I've had issues with a Napa brand wrench and greatNeck from the zone

it seems nearly a 1/4" (what MM is that?) of play in these 2 wrenches
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this is an interesting one that i have not seen before


I've I have similar tool sockets, but much larger for removing the o2 sensors.

there is a front O2 sensor i am needing to remove on the old Corolla to replace the flex pipe that broke in half!
but I do not have the proper one, the big wrench set i bot last year goes from 19mm to 21mm to 24mm so i am bummed out :mad:
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Perhaps it would go a long ways for somebody in an apartment dwelling with a multi-floor walkup with no garage.
It would seem challenging to transport carry some big hunky floor jack into the building
I carry one of these in my Tacoma. I like the idea of a locking jackstand when changing a tire. That and the jacks they supply with vehicles today, if they do as some cars don't even have spares, are a joke.
It does look like a much sturdier base than say a scissor jack that is in my old corollas trunk!
I've never had to use the bottle jack in my truck thank goodness
Also I need to find the maximum height for that jack and if you can safely raise a truck whilst on an incline with it for more headroom underneath in the back
Thats insane for a floor jack. I bought a vintage 3 ton floor jack at a tool sale for $50 that was missing a wheel that i was able to replace...been working perfect for years.
which one of these dremel tools would be best suited for tight hard-to-get-at area surface rust grinding/removal
and also to polish some weathered engine compartment parts