have U any recommendations for a good quality snap-ring pliers?

tekTon does not currently have something like this available afaik

I've got a few different size Lisle snap ring pliers...just depends how heavy duty a snap ring pliers are needed. They make a pretty good pair for bigger snap rings that have stood up well for me.
the biggest snap ring i have so far encountered is one for the taco front wheel bearing
all i really need at the present moment is that 1/16 to drill out a seized fan motor bolt screw that is very small
soldering iron did not work out so well as had hoped!
Just buy a small pack of 1/16 drill bits. I've got them from lowes here if I need to replace broken ones. You can even order them online like from eBay.

clearance on this here...
black friday additional savings to be had

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that is 1 groovey tool, let me tell you all about it
used it to drop an engine oil pan plug yesterday
took very little effort and felt in control of not slippin' and strippin' the plug at the angle i was forced to get at it underneath it all


I've used all sorts of 1/4''- 3/4 ratchet tools since I was old enough to handle them. Really nothing new.
this tekTon was a game changer compared to the straight true craftsman ratchet my pops gifted me so many decades ago
I've got all sorts bent and angled ratchets that gotta be at least 40 years old. The only difference on this tekron one your selling, is its got a pretty red handle.....priceless
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i certainly wish i do not need any new tools to reboot these new cv boots to replace the shredded ones