? Where is the Gen1 Taco traffic at ?

Makes little sense spending over $4k just to go as fast as these bigger heavier, better riding tacoma's of today.
I think most of the Gen1s have rusted away to be retired in the scrap pile to be passed into a shredder then loaded onto a ship bound for China to be melted and transformed to new products like Harbor Freight tools, TV cooking pans......... Junque.
Ive heard they are many and plentiful along with the gen3 T4R in places such as sunny California
California? At the rate those crazy powers to be are governing ....there won't be any ice's allowed to be for public use in the near future.
in August'23 i wheeled it to within 115 miles of central Los Angeles

i shall return one day to wheel the 405 with a new(ish) clutch :)



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Looks the same kind of damage as my brothers rave4, except his was hit by a suv coming from his driver side that was going across the intersection running a red light.
I think this means it irritated him
You don't need 4wd for driving on asphalt roads...if it gets nasty throw some sand bags in the bed.