? Where is the Gen1 Taco traffic at ?

It used to snow heavy around here to wheel in
Not so much anymore, it's been years since the big snow pile
I think this means it irritated him
You don't need 4wd for driving on asphalt roads...if it gets nasty throw some sand bags in the bed.

I learned how to drive on snow, snow pack and ice in a 2wd land yacht with bias ply tires. I'm not a fan of 4wd on snow pack or ice. 4wd tends to crab sideways. I prefer the rear to slide around where I can counter steer and control it.
I had mostly well used 2wd vehicles, till buying a local toyota dealers wolverine in 78. Back then it was long winters with lots ice, and snow cover roads. You learned how to drive, and handle a rear wheel vehicle, not to mention getting unstuck. I probably wouldn't own a 4wd for the exception of where I live off this 3 mile semi poorly maintained dirt road. From late fall till spring the town has road closed signs posted on it. Seems at least once a year I end up towing some idiot with a 2wd car out of deep ruts, that thinks their going to make it all the way through.
turboDB in the PNW

turboDB boots ripped and shredded where mine were found ripped and shredded in the EXACT same spot

can you tell its toyota axle and not some china garbageshit
Judging by the rust on the splines and the level of debris on the shaft..........

That was due for replacement a looooonnnnnnggggg time ago.
perhaps if it is tampered with?

the teardown of that engine they found in the oil pan one of the plastic like sealer tabs they put onto the oil jug caps to keep them sealed
BS, when you get over 250k miles on any engine...you begin borrowed time no matter how well it's maintained. Some engines just last longer than others. A lot has to do the way their driven/used.