Why do you drive a manuel transmission ?

My manual has a little imp inside to choose the proper gear. The imp matches speed, load and engine to make the gear choice.

I just tell the imp the limit of the highest gear the imp can use.

I often get asked why I chose my Tacoma with a manual transmission. I usually say it's to feel superior to other drivers, rowin through the gears, but in reality, as I drive around town snapping pictures of other Tacomas or dropping-off, picking-up stuff, it doesn't make sense. It doesn't get much better gas mileage, it's crappy in heavy traffic, and I can't hold the steering wheel, sip coffee, and shift gears at the same time.

In reality I love being able to accelerate in confidence and not guess when my transmission will down-shift or up-shift. It's great in snow and mud being able to ease the torque on and not dig in deeper.

So I ask; why did you choose a manual transmission?
Theft deterrent. Plus I like knowing it’s my truck and my seat isn’t gonna be moved.

2nd - I’m a backroads windows down guys. I’m getting 20.6 because I can neutral coast to traffic lights. Plus riding in 5th in a 45 really helps the MPGs as well.