Why do you drive a manuel transmission ?

My truck was overhanging the side walk the other day so I reached in and released the hand brake and gave the truck a nudge until the sidewalk was clear, reapplied the hand brake, done.
A quote from elsewhere...

'The AT would be less valuable than MT in any market, just as a reference point in your calculus, but thats just academic if you like it and want to keep it'
Regarding gen1... other gens maybe diffrent maybe not
So many times I see videos of bad guys in America trying to either car jack someone or steal a car but fail because the car is a manual LOL.
Now that's dedication.


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God Bless the Toyota pickup truck.


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Is tha tyour pickup truck Jay ?
No, that's a gen2 with a chirpy throw out bearing
If my clutch is making chatter it's not quite that loud yet!
But I did have a rattle such as that 2 to 3 years that turned out to be some other major part on its way out, a VERY expensive part! Like 750$ taco part but I got it from a dealer online discount for a bit over 400$ + install