Regular or Synthetic Oil

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by Nathan, Feb 17, 2013.


Do you run Regular or Synthetic Oil?

  1. Regular Oil

    16 vote(s)
  2. Synthetic Oil

    36 vote(s)
  1. Nathan

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

    Quick poll, do you run Regular or Synthetic Oil?
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  3. TRD4x4

    TRD4x4 Active Member

    Synthetic all the way here.
  4. OP

    Nathan Administrator Staff Member

  5. Howlin

    Howlin Member

    Mine came with Synthetic from the dealer.
  6. Mattnatti

    Mattnatti TEQ HED

    Synthetic from factory. I had my first of lifetime free oil changes from the dealer done and will be sending a sample to Blackstone to confirm they put synthetic in as required.
  7. MGMTacoLover

    MGMTacoLover Well-Known Member

    Synthetic is made from regular oil and I will just stick with regular oil
  8. TacoDawgfan

    TacoDawgfan Well-Known Member

    I wanted to run synthetic in mine. I was using the Toyotacare oil changes and the dealer told me that my V6 wasn't designed for syn. :icon_confused: I've never heard of an engine being "designed" for syn. But aside from that they wanted me to pay $50+ for the extra cost of the oil. :eek: Hell I could do it myself for less than that. :icon_rolleyes:

    I may run it now that I'm done with the "free" oil changes, not sure yet.
  9. EricTheRed

    EricTheRed Pantless...

    How did you manage to swing free lifetime oil changes?

    Yeeeeeeah...that's a new one on me too.
  10. Mattnatti

    Mattnatti TEQ HED

    It was something this particular dealer offers with the purchase of a certified Toyota.

    Not sure how I feel about it. I love free stuff as much as the next guy but I need to find out if the warranty on the engine would still apply if I change the oil myself. That way I would know for sure that synthetic went in and the monkey changing at the dealership won't " miss the hole so don't worry about the burning oil smell " and spill oil all over my valve cover and engine. :censored:
  11. DarkShark

    DarkShark Just Another Yota

    I use synthetic ever since I've owned my truck and do it myself
  12. donvido47

    donvido47 Well-Known Member

    Synthetic. I try to do my own oil changes. But usually, I have to drop the truck at my mechanics shop. I need to find more time
  13. Dewight

    Dewight Well-Known Member

    Mostly regular because it cheaper lol
  14. Manwithoutaplan

    Manwithoutaplan MOnty Lives on

    in some area's i use synthetic and some i use Dino.
  15. ProForce

    ProForce Thin Blue Line

    Synthetic since 1500 miles on the ticker :D

    Changed every 5000-10,000 depending on the driving conditions. Toyota recommended oil change interval for full synthetic in all their vehicles is 10k and 5k if your using conventional. Its in my service manual and told to me by my device dept.
  16. in2nit

    in2nit Well-Known Member

    I use regular earl every 5000. I do use synthetic in my mustang, but its supercharged and the motor is built.
  17. smokinjoe


    3k on old school 5w30 with additive im a mechanic oil changes are your cheapest insurance why wouldnt you take care of it for a little now or lots later
  18. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    Synthetic in the engine and dino in the diffs and t case. Toyota works on the tranny.
  19. byrd

    byrd Moderator Moderator

    I use Valvoline 10W-40 in the engine, I know it calls for 5W-30 but I've always use 10W-40 in all my vehicles and never once had any engine problems. It's a little thicker so it gives better protection. Now on the gear oil I'm changing over to Royal Purple Synthetic 75W-90 from what I've been reading it seems to be the best out there. I have to see if I have any Valvoline 80W-90 left, if I do I'll use it up 1st. I have front & rear differential, transfer case and manual transmission to do, so what dino I have left will fill something and synthetic the rest. Next change will be all Royal Purple.
  20. taco guy11

    taco guy11 Well-Known Member

    Toyota gave me free oil changes up to 25k and the Toyota garage I bought at does lifetime so they do my oil changes every 5k. I changes my front diff used Mobil 1 but going to change the front and rear and transfer case soon almost to 30k and gonna run amsoil
  21. GlenLivin'et

    GlenLivin'et a.k.a Av8er

    Mobil-1 Synthetic with Toyota Filters. ;) The changes on this truck can literally be done in about 15minutes (including proper drain time).

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