E.D.T.... every darned time

Yes I agree, you are clueless on wheel alignments. Not every component in your trucks front end is manufactured to exacting specs. to provide the same amount of threads on each tie rod for an alignment......it's why each rod has enough threads so you CAN align it. Me thinks you need special help that no one here can give.
genuine new oem rack
genuine new OTRs

should be damned exact to proper specs as the old rack

OTR right outer tie rod old rack.JPG
OTR left outer tie rod old rack.JPG
Well....tell you what you could do.

Center the steering wheel as you deem correct. Tie it down so it can't turn or shift.

Lift the front of the truck, then place on a pair of jack stands.

Use two wrenches, adjust those tie rods so you are happy. Put it back on the ground and take it for a ride. Be sure to un-tie the steering wheel before you go.

When you get back, be sure to share how well it tracked and handled. I suspect your test drive will be short.

how about the rag joint??
i do not see that mentioned at all there
Idk for that vehicle, but on many manual operated vehicles it'd be for switching to the back up lights when going into reverse.

i have already dealt with that switch a few years ago when the backup lights stopped working
bot a new oem switch and ended up NOT EVEN NEEDING IT :(
found the plug that is in the transmission side right side, unscrewed it and cleaned off the connector contacts and it worked again
this was not that plug afaik and recall
but i should make sure the backup lights are indeed working!!! just to cover that base if for nothing else
whut the fukk happens when i yet again hobble underneath to find the backUp switch and find out the connector is NOT EVEN PLUGGED BACK IN
should i first hobble under the truck with a flashLight to inspect the reverse backUp switch is even connected
or should i first confirm the backUp lights light up trigger on?
i do not think the truck has to be running to confirm
just throw the stick into neutral and turn the key to right before the starter triggers?
and go back and check out the situation? ? ?
That slopshop did something proper that I have zero cause to gripe on about
Reverse backup lights confirmed operational

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You just touch those old o2 cable fasteners, and they fall apart. I had used nothing but a bunch of cable ties to support those o2 wires.

the proper method of undoing the 02 wiring harness was not employed
a Toyota trained tech should fukkn know HOW to get these off properly without breaking
from the looks here it was not even touched
i learned how these come off after breaking the crank sensor on the Gen7 Corolla and it cost me 100$ to get a new one with an unbroken harness
and yes i did try and try and try to get the answer on proper removal via the interWebs of these harness connectors and never got a good answer... i found two more of them on the Corolla radiator shroud that needed removed and once that mistake was made i did NOT make it again.. the truck also had one for the washer fluid pump on the washer packing that i knew how to properly remove with no issue after cleaning the gunk and dirt from between the plastic wings

a professional toyota shop ought to know HOW to remove these safely properly with no issue
it was not even touched on that transfer case bracket as you can clearly see from these photos i took after removing the harness bracket from transfer case

O2 sensor damaged connector at TCCN.JPG

O2 sensor  connector wings to properly remove harness side from transfer clamp.JPG

O2 sensor harness broke at TCCN.JPG

O2 damaged O2 sensor connector at.JPG

this where you push the wings to UNCLAMP it push it through properly

O2 sensor  connector wings to properly remove harness side from transfer clamp.JPG

02 wiring harness broken at transfer.JPG

02 wiring harness broken at transfer ~ 2.JPG
I wonder what's next :confused:

I do expect a certain level of higher excellence and fastidiousness especially when these sloppy hacks think they are worth what they charge and in no way are they worth anywhere near what they think they are given the enormous amount of slop and broken damaged shi!itt found
Is what it cost I to learn the how to's in taking these harness clamps off of various brackets


How much it cost these ASE certified hacks to not know how to safely properly remove these and end up breaking them

I only go to the dealer when I get a recall otherwise I try to fix everything myself. But my homie from highschool has a shop and treats me right and loves my truck, so winner winner chicken dinner