E.D.T.... every darned time

Actually a paying customer's rights are limited to the work that was performed or contracted.

Although, the seller does not need to endure a barrage of stupid based on what the buyer thinks they know.
look here, kind sir
i have spent several years now of Fastidious research on the arts of DIY maintenance and repairs
to see what i can handle and what i cannot handle and otherwise have to shop out
it is not rocket science on these old yota trucks and cars to put new parts on to replace old and aged parts

i do things by the book, not hack and slop a buncha sh!t together because that crap does not last long
always a redo, always a comeback, to fix what shoulda been done right proper the first time

i do not believe i am a stupid person
just very highly concerned, especially after the numerous upon numerous times of inspecting after and finding the damages and pure slop done
Should I reference the timely repair of the clutch and throw out bearing...................as an example of fastidious timely repair.

or wheel bearings, or tie rods, or brakes. I'm sure there are others, but these are recent.