E.D.T.... every darned time

this was an independent Toyota/Lexus only specialist garage that i trusted to be fastiduous and to do things proper by the book with NO SLOP for the clutch job, steering rack and other hard heavy steering/suspension parts that needed to be changed after nearly 27 years of good service

I only go to the dealer when I get a recall otherwise I try to fix everything myself. But my homie from highschool has a shop and treats me right and loves my truck, so winner winner chicken dinner
I'm now in my 70's, and always did my own vehicle repairs to. You gotta know your limitations through. Fortunately we have a couple good toyota dealers i'm on good terms with that I can trust completely if ever needed.
My suggestion is to find one good shop in your area doing all your repairs with them so they get to know you. Most shops here have online customer reviews. I'd suggest you check the same for your town, and try not to be a pita on the little stuff.
its all the little things that in the end turn into bigger things more often than not
i have taken a look at what is available around out there as an alternative and nothing real exciting for sure to me
Little things turning into bigger things In your vehicle, or in your mind?.....be game changer if you know which.
Covid only messed with lungs and a few had blood circulation problems in lower extremities.

Not many had brain issues due to Covid. Most brain issues were pre-existing of Covid.
so who's rights trumps who's in this current situation :confused:
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new antenna mast is NOW loosey goosey at the base
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Your rights DO NOT override anyone else's rights.

The antenna mast is a simple fix. Use a wrench to turn it clockwise. Or make an appointment with the dealer.