needing a new MT clutch procedure

what exactly does the clutch parts do to or with the input shaft?

the pilot bearing sits on the tip of this shaft?

Pilot bearing centers the transmissions input shaft to the engines crankshaft, so there's no wobble goblins.
so what part exactly disconnects engine and transmission

i think mine is somewhat sticky and making noises at times

perhaps that spline greasy is all dried up and retarding the bearing movement?

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curious about the longevity of the master/slave cylinder?

it already failed once, the pedal did not fully return in reverse
around 193k the pedal started not returning fully
replaced at 207k for a 700$ cost which seems outrageous!
so now it has 133k miles
but it was a LUK brand cylinder replacement and not a Toyota branded one, even though the part cost as much as a Toyota one
don't know what the quality of LUK brand is?
and wonder if the original failed because the clutch fluid was factory original and not ever changed over 2 decades so it was black AF

i shall have to ask the clutch guy next week to change that fluid and bleed it out if that is not included in the complete service
Sounds more, and more to me that the cost of all the repairs this truck has had, or currently needs has exceeded the cost of a new one vehicle, yet you still have an old truck thats ailing. Just can't wrap ones head around that one. Got to be more to it.
the sales tax alone on a new truck is likely be more much more than the old truck is worth to anyone
the cost of those new tires is probably more than the old truck is worth to anyone

$1500 will get 4 new Michelin Defenders LTX M/S 265/65-17 with TPMS mount balance disposal & tax.

So, it finally comes out. That clapped out '97 has less value than a set of good tires.
the Michelins on my truck were 199$ each (2o22 prices) minus the 110$ rebate + 98$ mount and balance yada yada

15" wheels
17" wheels seem more pricey!