Oil change question

Discussion in 'Maintenance' started by warakesTaco, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. bdarnold12

    bdarnold12 Well-Known Member

    The oil itself may last that long but with vvt and any number of other stuff being operated and controled by oil/oil pressure I believe clean oil is just as important as good oil.
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  3. B.C.

    B.C. Well-Known Member

    I do it for myself.
    Otherwise my ocd will drive me crazy!
    My sanity relies upon my brain knowing that I flushed the contaminates suspended in the oil, out of my engine. Oil is way cheaper than a shrink would be.
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  4. Lucia Bennett

    Lucia Bennett New Member

    I use Valvoline synthetic oil, usually go about 5k to 6k oil change once, I think that's a good level to protect the engine. You up to use synthetic will be better. I just received a Valvoline coupon code and am about to get my oil changed.
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  5. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    I stuck with mobil1 that my dealer has been using during my toyota care visits. Imo, all the 0W-20 synthetics are good. More important to change the oil within a year, or 10k miles....5k for severe use.
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  6. jjs2955

    jjs2955 New Member

    I would never go 10,000 mile or more even with synthetic. Bought new in 1986 a Toyota truck 2WD with the 22RE engine. After break-in, I have/still do change my oil every 5000 miles with that "crappy ass Dino" oil. The older engines ran fine on it. It is Castrol GTX 10W-40 all season long. It's been my daily driver now for 36 years and 479,000 miles. Still doesn't burn even 1/4 of a quart between oil changes.

    Sadly, Castol GTX 10W-40 is getting harder to find, so maybe going to Castrol Edge 5W-40 soon.

    Newer cars need synthetic so use any good Synthetic (Castrol, Pennzoil, Mobile...) and with 5000 mile changes it will be fine.
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  7. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    When i was still working, now retired, i changed the oil in my 4.7 tundra every 15k miles, or so once a year with mobil1 5w-30. Truck was still running perfect nearly 2 decades later with close to 300k miles when i sold it.
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  8. JDC

    JDC Well-Known Member

    Regardless of mountains of information. Change your oil and filter every 5k. Change transmission fluid every 60k. Rotate tires front to rear at every oil change. I've run Toyotas over 200k and have never had a transmission or engine problem.
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  9. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    I was surprised to see changing the atf every 60k miles, or even reading its lifetime. I had an older asin auto transmission in my tundra which needed to be drained of 4 qts, and refilled every 15k miles which i followed exactly. That truck never had a problem with its transmission. With this tacoma it appears similar imo. I'm even leaning toward a 30k mile atf service.
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  10. JDC

    JDC Well-Known Member

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  11. 24-7

    24-7 Well-Known Member

    When my 3rd was new the dealer gave me x amount of oil changes so I did it under their intervals but since doing it myself, I do it every 5-7k miles (never over 7k) with synthetic oil depending on what I have going on in my schedule.
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  12. Lava trails

    Lava trails Member

    Please be aware, not all synthetic oils are the same. There are 3 grades of synthetic oils. The way I describe them is by the length to replace the synthetic oils.
    For instance Mobil synthetic oils, if it says replace every 7,500 miles , this is a grade 3, If replace every 15,000 miles this is a grade 4, and if replace every 25,000 miles this is a grade 5, Amsoil makes a grade 5 synthetic oil.
    I think purple oil is a grade 4.

    I find it harder to find the Mobil grade 4 & 5 where I live. Just that you need a matching oil filters too.

    Never any harm to replace the motor oil sooner, maybe just the cost. I am disappointed by the oil filters system the Tacomas have. I think they did that on purpose, to make it more difficult for the diy .

    Once my dealer maintenance plan ends, I will be doing my own oil changes. Mobil one for sure. Learn about Mobil one in the 70’s and that is all I use to present in every single vehicle I own.
    I saw a conversion kit to regular filters, not a easy thing?
  13. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    Same for mobil 1 extended mileage being scarce in 0w-20 here to. I can find 5w-30 plentiful in the same grade....go figure. As far as the filters i buy the toyota ones off ebay when someone offers a deal.
  14. Jenna Day

    Jenna Day New Member

    How often should the oil be changed after use? I have a coupon for valvoline for all services. I am thinking of changing the oil along with my car.
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  15. tacojoel

    tacojoel Well-Known Member

    Follow what the owners manual recommends for the car. Just my opinion for these 3rd gen tacomas, 5k miles, or 1 year whatever comes first if driven low miles with lots of city use. If mostly highway miles, 10k miles, or 1 year whatever comes first.
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  16. Jersey Black Beauty

    Jersey Black Beauty Well-Known Member

    Mine’s full synthetic,,I change it every 3-4 Thousand miles or 6 months
  17. Jenna Day

    Jenna Day New Member

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  18. Don Drake

    Don Drake Active Member

    Oil is pretty cheap. I change about every three thousand or if a vehicle sits 3 to 4 months. Sitting is worse on oil, heck cars in general, than operating them in a sane manner.

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