What oil are all of ya using?

Yep, it's just a bottle of motor oil thats synthetic....probably overpriced to. You gotta love the marketing.
I don't think you tried hard enough, but it's an oil additive good for a couple years between oil changes to make your engine run quieter with more hp. Been proven with nasa currently testing it. Tribotek uses ceramic nano technology that bonds slowly with all your engine internals to increase normal engine life. Its said to give your oil wings.
More HP????? Call me skeptical on that claim.

I suppose if the oil is getting into the combustion chamber it could be adding energy to the combustion cycle. Engine power is displacement, compression ratio and fuel.

More likely, they are trying to claim "more Hp" due to a miniscule decrease in friction inside the engine.

Reality, to make a legit marketing claim, the advertiser only needs 1 repeatable test with data to make the claim.
Yeah, more hp., as it increase's combustion efficiency. Older engines with high miles benefit the most. Even with new engines it was shown this additive improved ring sealing while reducing internal friction.