How were you able to buy a Tacoma

Discussion in 'General Tacoma Discussion' started by 858_tacoma_guy, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. OP

    858_tacoma_guy Well-Known Member

    34,000 is probably the msrp price, dealerships always jack up the prices... this is the reason why I got mine used
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  3. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Loaded Tacoma DCLB TRD off-road's and limited's with all the options I've seen MSRP's for over $41,500
    You can go onto toyota's web site and build one with all the top options. It will be over $40K
    The TRD Pro in cement I've seen sale for over $51,000 from a dealer in California.
  4. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

    My taco was just over $42k. It was a special order with everything I wanted. Having a family member as a salesman means I paid less. Maybe you all shouldn't hold money as such a high priority in your life. Cryin and all. I saved it up just for this purpose. And I got exactly what I wanted.

    The discount card is free if you work there. You don't pay for it like you do a membership somewhere else. That's apparently what was outside your capacity of understanding. So every time you shop there, you save 10%. That's money you don't have to spend. I'll count that as Walmart giving me back that 10%. After tax, everything is still cheaper than what the sticker says. If you add up everything you spend at Walmart over the course of a year, then refund 10%, how much do you think you would get back? I hope that's not too hard to comprehend.

    16' TRD OR DCLB Inferno
  5. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    I would get back zero dollars.
  6. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

    So.... you buy NOTHING at Walmart? I don't believe it. I would however be more likely to believe that you've appeared in a few of the famous memes "people of Walmart".

    16' TRD OR DCLB Inferno
  7. longshore

    longshore Well-Known Member

    I won't step foot in Wal-Mart. Seen way too many small shops run over by them. They don't get my money.
  8. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    I went to target yesterday
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  9. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    As a consumer we have the ability to "Vote" every time we spend a dollar we cast our vote. We agree and support the way that company does business.
    I don't and won't give them my vote. For the reason stated by longshore and many more.
    I would get back zero dollars.
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  10. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    I get tires from them... but only because nobody else carries authoritys and i really like them.
    I suppose id get back 80 bucks every 3yrs?
  11. kingofthetaco

    kingofthetaco Well-Known Member

    20k is still a lot to put down for a truck.
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  12. kingofthetaco

    kingofthetaco Well-Known Member

    The reason I got my taco is because my F150 was hit in a Walmart parking lot. The bitch was snorting coke then took off and hit my truck and 5 other cars... so yeah.... how bout that Costco though????
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  13. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

  14. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

    Are you a democrat?

    16' TRD OR DCLB Inferno
  15. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    I dont play politics, in the end, i dont care who the puppet in office is. We are just a corporation now anyways. I don't waste my time thinking we the sheeple have any say.
    Some yall get irate over this or that win, its stupid. I sit back and watch the games. Ive seen so many grown people resort to childish nonsense over a voting game.
    Its fair when 1 party wins, and rigged when another doesnt. I sit there, zero fucks and laugh at the stupid
  16. whippersnapper02

    whippersnapper02 Negative Nancy

    There goes the neighborhood.
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  17. Bojangles

    Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Id like to say im a realist.
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  18. WEX

    WEX Well-Known Member

    Good answer

    16' TRD OR DCLB Inferno
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  19. Series6

    Series6 Well-Known Member

    I sell medium and heavy duty trucks. Bought my Tacoma thru the dealer that sells us our company cars but wasn't opposed to other brands except GM. Originally wanted the new Ranger hopefully with the Eco boost but Ford kept moving the start date back and I wasn't interested in a first year unit. Looked at F150, Nissan and Toyota. Point for point the Tacoma met my criteria.
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  20. I bought a couple of bikes so had no choice, had to trade in my little Hyundai and finally landed on the '16 Tacoma -- one of the best decisions ever made; and did what I had to do to make it happen: lots of Ramen noodles and cut out the parasitic man in my life.

    It actually turned out as a blessing in disguise, changing lifestyles to buy these things led to more exploration of my home city, and there's actually a lot to do outdoors that's free!
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  21. OR17TRD

    OR17TRD Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum.

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