front brakes + rotors on gen2...

trying to get to this today whilst the weather is cooperating and no rainy expected for a few days or so
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i do have confusion on these shims and yota oem anti-squeal shim kits for the aftermarket pads i am using
Do I see a threaded bolt hole's on that rotor? If so, use a bolt to thread in to pop them loose, or you'll end up using a sledge hammer like I did to beat the rotor loose.
Caliper looks toast. My tundra looked similar where the pistons were seizing up, and needed to be replaced.
Yes, you do see the threaded holes
Had to go find the bolts used to remove drums and hope they fit good
What kinda rust is behind there after 13 years ? ? ?
Broke it free after many turns and cracking
needed a 13mm socket at 1/2 inch drive and found did not have one handy :confused:
had to krank onit with the gearWrench ratching boxed wrench

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hub cleaned and copper anti seize spread a bit liberally


new rotor installed
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I wouldn't have placed that much never seize on the hub.....if it gets warm, and oozes out on your brake pads, your in for one big mess. You only need to dab a very light amount. That stuff has a crazy habit of ending up everywhere.
Ran into an issue on the passenger side
Missing the slide pin
Where the heck did that disappear to
Do they just break??? How could it just fall out???

i now wonder if missing this slide pin on one side would've made the anti-lock brakes all wonky wonky when stopping on the snowpack in January
Your suppose to have a couple anti rattle springs unless toyota did something different that of them looks more like straight cotton pin that secures into the pin holes, and the other I saw in one of your pics that looked like it was installed screwed up, wraps around the pin to lock in place.
Make sure you put a little high temp ceramic brake grease on those pins before installing them, so the pads can slide on them easier.
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